Building refurbishment for the Navarre Institute of the Basque Language. Euskarabidea

1st prize in public competition

Interior refurbishment of the former Sports House.

It is a building located in the second expansion of Pamplona between Paulino Caballero and Arrieta streets. It is a six-story It has a rectangular floor plan of about 250 m2.

It was built in 1974 and belonged to the Spanish University Union. In 1986 the building was transferred to the Community of Navarre. It was previously renovated in 2006.

The reform of the building has the following objectives:

Functional adaptation

The building to its new use, headquarters of the Basque Institute of Navarre (Euskarabidea). The program includes training classrooms, administrative offices, open work areas and a document archive.

Spatial quality

Creation of large, diaphanous and luminous spaces. Both the perimeter and the core of communication and wet rooms are maintained. The rest of the floor is emptied and is again compartmentalized with glazed wooden partitions. In order to expand the spatial perception, maximum transparency and visual communication between the different spaces is sought. The existing wood chip ceilings are recycled and the linoleum floor is replaced with a lighter one in order to improve the brightness of the space.

Adaptation to current normative

Special attention is paid to accessibility (adaptation of vertical and horizontal routes, perception of spaces, installation of induction loops, shelter spaces), and energy savings (installation of heat recovery systems, replacement of lighting fixtures).