Refurbishment project of offices at 25 Arrieta Street for the Government of Navarre

1st prize in public competition

Refurbishment project of the old offices of the Sports Institute of Navarra for the implementation of new administrative services. The assignment consists of the complete interior demolition and the new implementation of the services. The program consists of open office areas and offices with server spaces.

The proposal was prepared without knowing the layout and organization of the future services. The floor plan of the project is rectangular and is located on the 1st floor of two residential buildings in the expansion of the city.

The proposed floor plan organization responds to twas. These criteria condition the location of the access and the solution of the circulations. The entrance hall and vertical communication are resolved with a single lobby in the center of the floor plan, coinciding with the intersection of the two symmetry axes of the rectangle. This action allows the floor to be divided into four independent areas according to the needs of use. The uses are arranged in sequence from the exterior facades: open office areas, circulations and offices. The interior circulations are spatially incorporated into the open office spaces and are segregated by the furniture. This solution facilitates access to natural lighting for the greatest number of users.

The materials, finishes and construction solutions respond to these same criteria. Light colors that reflect natural light are chosen for floors, ceilings and walls. The partitions between the offices and the open office are made of glass partitions that facilitate the passage of natural light and distant views. The installations are hidden from view with a slatted ceiling.